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Company History

Rochester Gauges, Inc. is a multi-national company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with manufacturing facilities in Dallas, Texas USA; Mexico City, Mexico; Brussels, Belgium; and Shanghai, China.

Rochester Gauges got its start as Rochester Manufacturing in Rochester, New York in 1913 with their first liquid level gauge.  From there the company grew to include several other product lines.  Gas Equipment Co. Inc., a distributor for Rochester Manufacturing, recognized a need to manufacture the gauges in Texas as most of the customers for Rochester Manufacturing's propane product line were in the South. In 1958 Gas Equipment purchased Rochester Manufacturing’s propane gauge line and moved it to Dallas, Texas creating Rochester Gauges.  Rochester Gauges was successful with the propane gauge line and later expanded and acquired the remaining product lines from Rochester Manufacturing.  Today, Rochester Gauges has expanded its product lines with additional manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Belgium and China.

Rochester’s growth is closely linked to the growth of the commercial sale of L.P. Gas (Propane).  As one of the first companies to develop a liquid level gauge for the propane industry, Rochester continues to be a leading innovator not only in the propane market but also in Agricultural, Aircraft, Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Off-Highway, Locomotive, Refrigeration and Process Equipment markets.  Rochester products include liquid level gauging, liquid level senders, liquid level switches, aircraft fuel and engine instrumentation, diaphragm temperature senders, pressure indicators, bimetal thermometers-electrical system safety disconnect switches, and flow indicators.  Many features of gauges in today’s market can be contributed to innovations developed by Rochester over the years. 

Rochester Gauges continues to be family owned and operated by the LaDue’s. Milt LaDue’s son, Jack LaDue led the company as President and CEO for over 50 years. Now leading the company are Herb Ross, President of Rochester Gauges and Milt's grandsons, Kevin LaDue, Rick LaDue, and Skeeter LaDue. They continue in Jack's footsteps with the tradition of designing, manufacturing and selling high quality gauging products utilizing Lean manufacturing principles. 

Rochester Gauges - Always Innovating, Never Imitating.